Direct the most affordable of the most practical mini desktop woodworking lathe beads with four jaw chuck full metal gear CJ9518


The following is an optional accessory (need to buy): live top 125 yuan, 135 yuan tailstock drill chuck, turning 11 sets of 270 yuan, cylindrical turning + facing tool / 100, cylindrical beads knife 6- 25mm / 228 yuan, pagoda knife 10,12,15mm / 240 yuan, gourd knife 10X12X20 / 85 million, four-jaw chuck linkage 80mm / 398 yuan, 398 yuan drilling machine, automatic polishing machine 170mm / 598 yuan, 200mm / 980 yuan; band saw cutting machine 8-inch / 980 yuan, 10-inch / 1,860 yuan, 24-inch / 2680 yuan.

Supplied accessories (belt): Four jaw self-centering chuck and front claws and a wrench, metal exchange gear holder, screw spindle and tailstock stay top, belts, beads knife power head (cone axis motor) motor bracket (without material costs), drill chuck, keys, baffles, oil pan, pads, screws, power lines, tools, instruction manual.

The following is an optional accessory (need to purchase):

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