German machine tool industry: "save the market" also look at the Asian market

Li Ka 13th International Machinery Exhibition in Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center , the exhibition will celebrate its three days more than 900 domestic and foreign exhibitors , the public free admission to visit.
Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Centre, bustling, from Japan 's Mitsubishi 3D laser cutting machine " , the robot arm and other high-end machinery and equipment, machinery exhibition to shine at this , so look wonderful feast for the eyes of the public .

Corner of the exhibition hall on the first floor in a glass enclosed space, the reporter saw a 1 meter intelligent robotic arm . But the staff bedside starter button wakes arm muscles activity began intense work.

It is the first mechanical arm pick up the abrasive, methodically into his arms next to the drilling and milling machines , the abrasive on the processing platform, the machine begins to rotate in the bearing , right abrasive for drilling, pending completion of the arm the mold is made ​​automatically to complete the task .

Chengdu Prius NC company 's technical staff told reporters : "This is a multi-functional intelligent robots in Japan and now Foxconn plant where there is such a robot if the site allows it while four machine services, not only can save manpower, operation can guarantee the stability of the most important thing is the intelligent robot can work 24 hours without overtime pay no weekend .

Booth where a Mitsubishi 3D laser cutting machine has also attracted people's vision . Booth personnel, this machine is mainly for auto parts to production line services, such as BYD .

Operator incorporated in the system as long as the program will be like cutting machines , " sculptor ", as according to the drawings in the abrasive on the dash . Operator and then a button , you can press the cutter 360 degrees underlined started laser cutting, can cut oval , milling surface , curved and other shapes . Exhibition on the third floor , a staff member holding a camera shooting this statue of Venus , and in the computer slowly Venus sculpture showing a clear three-dimensional imaging . Booth staff said , no matter how complex physical devices , as long as this camera a scanner , you can form in the computer graphics, supply manufacturers produce .
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