Die casting industry has developed rapidly at home and abroad

Currently , foreign mold casting industry quite quickly . First , foreign companies the number of die casting is generally not more than one hundred people, mostly foundry molds fifty people look at the number of its personnel structure arrangements are also very reasonable . However , foreign die casting mold industry personnel demanding professional quality , multi-skill requirements of their technical staff . Secondly , foreign mold casting industry in the technical level have a certain strength , CAD / CAM / CAE technology used widely , rapid prototyping , reverse engineering and manufacturing casting molds used more also, these have become foreign mold casting industry development advantages .

According to relevant reports, China 's foundry production plant has reached 752 points throughout the country in various provinces and regions, 1991 casting production was 16.5 million tons. Since the 1990s , foundries like springing up like they stand. Meanwhile, the domestic production of casting a very wide range of product applications .

In cars and other modes of transport , machinery, communications equipment , building components , military equipment, precision instrumentation , and many other industries, have produced a large number of products using the foundry industry , among which the largest amount of the automotive industry . These overall market situation with the international foundry industry trends consistent . This shows that China 's foundry market has been completely keep up with the pace of the international market .

In the domestic market , Chongqing foundry industry will respond positively to the national " five" plan for industrial property to the call plan from the industrial structure, market development, management and other aspects of starting operations , and promote Chongqing foundry industry in the next few years, new developments . It is reported that Chongqing foundry industry will respond positively to the national policy , the foundry industry market to the green energy aspects of development, while casting enterprises in Chongqing will actively use the network and other means, to open a tight market , breaking the geographical restrictions, the foundry market to extension of domestic or foreign , in addition , small and medium enterprises will actively seek casting government funding or policy support , to high-tech industries. Believe , Chongqing foundry industry must pass this several major aspects of continuous improvement, for future domestic foundry industry has played an exemplary role and got to drive .
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