CNC lathe technology applications in the automotive industry

Today's automotive industry production, new product development cycles continue to shorten , costs continue to decrease , the data show that a decade ago required four years of automotive product development cycle ; Today only takes two years to complete. In addition to the automotive industry manufacturers with advanced new product development methods, virtual manufacturing, concurrent engineering and other advanced development technology, thanks to a very important point is to provide manufacturing equipment for the automotive equipment supplier 's efforts , especially those equipment suppliers to provide a variety of CNC lathes, CNC lathe allows these automotive industry manufacturers to provide the fastest speed to meet the market demand for the product .

CNC lathe good flexibility High adjustment , high precision , automakers have long been concerned about , along with the market competition ; many varieties best meet the diverse needs of the market , until it meets every one CNC lathe users needs of the automotive industry manufacturers goal to CNC machine tools as the main flexible manufacturing cell , are heavily used. Today's focus on the development of CNC machine tools has two : High-speed CNC lathe processing, to achieve high efficiency at high speeds ; accelerate the development process automation .

In order to make large-scale domestic CNC lathe as soon as possible to enter the automotive industry , domestic CNC lathe manufacturers should focus on improving their capacity , mainly in the following aspects:

CNC machine tool manufacturers as auto parts processing line hosting provider , not only pay attention to the design and manufacture of the host , but also attaches great importance to modern agile flexible units constituting the elements of development, such as robots, conveyor devices. Reliability of these devices because of the operation rate of the production line . The starting rate for mass-produced automobile manufacturing industry is very important.

Has a whole line of auxiliary supporting capacity. As turnkey project requirements , as had contractor must pay attention to the entire line of contracted projects to establish their own long-term partners such as special washing machines , etc., because the equipment manufacturer's ability to affect the ability to undertake the entire line .

Improve the entire line of automated design capabilities, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing parts manufacturers have entered the era of agile manufacturing , automated information system design is reasonable or not , determine the normal operation of the production system . It is the high technology in the automotive component manufacturing applications . Is a modern CNC system vendor 's core competitiveness lies.

Establish an effective feedback mechanism user issues ; establish the concept of the supremacy of users , a rapid service systems ; automobile production is the large number of mass production, CNC lathe processing equipment maintenance and repair is timely. Timely and effective services enhance the competitiveness of enterprises ; while enabling the machine to improve product quality improvement . Jie Yong up to 16 years of machine tool development, production, sales, service accumulation, tooling and machining is committed to providing cost-effective business tool sets of equipment and solutions for the benefit of national industry .
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