Create high-end equipment manufacturing industry work together to develop a new industry in the futu

You do not have an Oscar for best male and female gorgeous clothes, you leave "the audience " is the sweat and back ;

You do not have crazy fans sought after , but each time the machine is started , the roar of a certain elegance that is your heart the most elegant music ;

You like a meteor in people unexpected when it comes to poise across the sky ; like a meteor , across the sky the moment appear and disappear from obscurity ......

People around each machine singing when we think of who is paying for these casting , which is what is in your days and nights stay together ;

People do not know that a little mistake many times to go through testing and modifications can be resolved, and it is a hundred times you thinking, persistent thinking ......

We need your work, but also need to know you.

To establish the industry brand image and awareness , and promote the industry in depth. Comprehensive interpretation of Chinese brand corporate image and brand awareness to guide , promote recognize those who have made ​​significant contributions to the development of Chinese industry figures , with significant brand influence and driving force of the business sector . HC plan in 2012 China 's machine tool industry machine tool industry 's top ten most influential and continues to build public confidence in the machine tool industry selection of brands, looking impressed Chinese equipment manufacturing 100 personal matter .

2012 China 's machine tool industry 's top ten most influential in the overall selection of valuable heritage of 30 sectors on the basis of experience and ideas for further improvements and enhancements in order to " spread the brand responsible innovation " as the theme , once again an annual event dedicated the whole of society !

The poll , from the start of enrollment to the awards ceremony held last six months, by industry experts , associations, industry representatives upstream and downstream enterprises to participate , selected through a rigorous qualification audit selected enterprises , improve the selection system, increase the participation of expert users to expand media promotion effect, more accurately and objectively the industry's best companies selected out , mapped brand culture, the machine tool industry supply and demand sides to promote trade and improve brand reputation, credibility , visibility !

Set the current Top Ten Award awards include : Enterprise Class : Ten outstanding brand metal cutting machine tools , forming machine tools ten best brands , top ten machine features excellent brand , top ten import excellent brand , ten cutting-edge companies , the top ten dealers ; product categories: ten innovative products ; CHARACTER : top Ten ; comprehensive: best service agencies ( exhibition, service bases , machining service providers ) . Top Ten selection this year has also been a number of industry associations and media recognition and support.

The current selection from April 23, 2012 Registration begins June 21, 2012 - July 20 start voting stage , according to Internet voting , SMS voting , voting online banking superposition of three platforms votes to determine finalists figures and businesses. : August 10, 2012 , to enter the expert review phase, the final selection of the top ten companies in each award will be in October 2012 awards ceremony held in Beijing debut .
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